Stylist Flow

Creating authentic modern beauty one client at a time

Enhancing natural beauty with a soft, authentic blend of modern and beautiful tones

Hey there! I’m Lindy, creator behind The Stylist Flow!

I’m an independent hairstylist of 7 years doing what I love creating lived-in hair behind the chair!

I believe every client should leave the salon feeling new, beautiful, and inspired.

My commitment to you is to provide an experience, not just an appointment and to make sure you leave 110% satisfied.

About Me

I am a creative at heart, a “lived- in” color enthusiast, and an advocate for bringing value to my clients that goes far beyond just crafting beautiful hair.

Are you an independent hairstylist and unsure of how you should be pricing your services?

I spent the first few years of my career playing the guessing game when it came pricing my services.

Not only that, I emotionally charged and had no concept of my worth as a stylist.

It didn’t take long for me to realize something had to change in my business. I needed to begin treating it as just that- a business, my livelihood!

This industry presents a lot of opportunity to gain the kind of success you dream of. But having proven and strategic systems to implement and follow are a must.

That is why I am creating this online course all about how to price your services using the Stylist Flow System!

7+ years in the industry and I finally made it a priority to understand the numbers and the why behind them.

I am here to share that with you in the simplest form I know how!


Interested in learning more?

Let me give you a sneak peak into what this course will be all about, what it includes, and what you can expect after taking it

The Stylist Flow Course Hub

Let me offer you one of my favorite tools that I use in my business every month to organize and keep track of my finances!