Our hair takes the brunt when it the comes to weather; whether it is dry heat from the summer sun or dry air from the cold winter, our hair is affected.

That is why I wanted to share with you 4 must have products to have year around to replenish your hair with moisture.


Sounds a little obvious I know, but it truly is a product you must use every time you wash your hair.

I wouldn’t recommend just any conditioner. In fact, stay far away from the grocery store conditioners. They have several added ingredients that are either stripping your hair of any natural oils it contains and/or layering your hair with a waxy substance to make you believe it’s working.

Investing in a quality conditioner is key. Start by identifying what your main concern is and go from there.

Finding a conditioner that is geared towards dry, brittle hair is going to serve you well in this time.

Recommended brands include- Maria Nila, Pureology, Living Proof, Olaplex, Malibu,

2. Hair Masks

Hair masks are not mandatory, but they are certainly worth the investment.

Hair masks do a little deeper work then a conditioner will. They are created to be left on your hair for a longer period of time to truly penetrate into the cuticle and store moisture where it has been lost.

It will replenish those dry strands and without a doubt, it will leave your hair looking and feeling smooth and shiny.

Recommended Brands Include- Amika, Pureology, Maria Nila, Olaplex

3. Leave-In Conditioner/Detangling Spray

These products are not only going to moisturize your hair but they are going to prep and protect your hair from damage throughout the day. Hence the word “leave in”.

They will also protect your hair as you brush it out, giving you a much smoother canvas to work with instead of brushing out a tangled mess resulting in breakage.

Recommended Brands Include- Pureology, Malibu, Amika, My Amazing

4. Dry Oil

This product would be like an argan oil, moroccan oil, coconut oil, etc. Whatever fits your fancy, this product is a game changer!

You know after you get done drying and styling your hair and it still needs that finishing touch? Looks a little rough around the edges and a little dry? This product is your answer.

It will leave your hair with a smooth and shiny surface. Additionally, like the leave in conditioner sprayed on your hair while damp, this product will aid in shielding your hair from damage throughout the day as you apply it to your dry, styled hair.

Recommended Brands Include- Maria Nila, Olaplex, My Amazing

Replenishing and prepping your hair is important if you want to see growth and health.

Each one of these products, aside from conditioner that is used the most regularly, last a long time which means the initial investment is worth it.

Don’t wait to start taking proper care of your hair. Start now!