I believe there is always a way to enhance natural beauty in the salon

Welcome! I’m Lindy, creator behind The Stylist Flow!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself!

I am a creative at heart, a “lived- in” color enthusiast, and an advocate for bringing value to my clients that goes far beyond just crafting beautiful hair.

My desire to work in the beauty industry began from a very young age and over the 7+ years of working as an independent stylist, it has become one of my very favorite things.

 From creating beautiful hair, to servicing my clients well, all the way to building my own business on the values that I hold as an individual, this career fills my cup. 

I believe in providing an experience for my clients that makes them feel encouraged, inspired, and educated when they leave the salon.

And of course, it is my commitment to ensure every client feels confident when they walk out the door.

Let’s take a little stroll through my life outside of work with a little questionnaire:

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Spend endless amounts of time with those that I love like my husband and my family, and enjoy nature through hiking and travel

What is the most underrated virtue?
Wisdom. It’s far too often neglected when considering our actions and our words and the impact it can have on others and our future

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
“I don’t know”

What or who is the greatest love of your life?
Can I have two? Jesus, my Savior, and my husband!

Where would you most like to live?
Somewhere warm! Hawaii would be nice. Or Greece. But that’s a stretch!

Which talent would you most like to have?
I would love to be able to sing!

Back to when it all began

2014– Began cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell

2015– Started my hair career as a booth renter

2015-2018– Grew my first clientele and worked in Spokane Washington at The Masters Touch Salon

2018-part of 2019– Began working toward my vision of becoming an entrepreneur and providing value online to other stylists

Beginning of 2019– Started working as a commission stylist in a new town to try to get my feet under me

2019– Stepped out in faith and began building a clientele as a booth renter in current town

2020-2021– Clientele took off and started booking out 1-2 months in advance

2021– Began building my first course for independent hairstylists on how to price your services


Steppingstones to personal success in the industry

Booth renter right from the start out of school

7+ Years of hands on experience.

Built a clientele twice from the ground up

Big city and small town stylist.

Pursuit of continuing education in the fields of color specialty, marketing, social media, and business.

Built my second clientele in under a year.

Most of all, I have a passion to serve my clients well and add value to every service!

How to price your services for Independent Hairstylists

Are you an independent hairstylist?

Have you ever felt stuck not knowing how to price your services accurately?

Or maybe you are running the viscious cycle of putting an emotion on the price tag, or afraid of receiving a bad reaction when you hand your client the bill.

In the 7+ years of owning my own business behind the chair, I have learned a very strategic and effective way to price my services.

Knowing and understanding the numbers, and the why behind them, has led to a confidence not only in the worth of my time, but also my expertise as a stylist.

I have finally been able to see crazy success while lessening my hours, and still making more money, using this system.



It takes more than simply going through the motions to build a successful business behind the chair these days.

Learn the System

Let me tell you a little bit more about what this course will offer and what you can expect