Ever wondered what you can and should do, after putting down a good chunk of money, to keep your hair color fresh?

I’m spilling it all for you now…

1. Don’t wash your hair for a couple of days right after your color service

After a color service, the outer cuticle of your hair strand is opened and may take some time to be fully sealed after a color service. If you wash your hair too quickly, you could run the risk of causing your color to fade sooner than later.

2. Avoid washing your hair with extremely hot water

Hot water opens the outer cuticle of the hair, allowing color to seep out at a faster rate.

3. Wash your hair less

Excessive washing with water and shampoo is inevitably going to cause your hair color to fade quicker.

4. Use color safe and even color enhancing shampoo and conditioner

If your shampoo and conditioner contain certain detergents such as sulphates, it will strip your hair color over time as it strips the hair of its natural oils. You want to use products that lock moisture and thus, your color in with every wash.

5. Use leave-in treatments to avoid disturbing your color while styling your hair with heat

Using protective agents before using heat is going to help seal and add moisture to the hair which will help protect the hair color to keep it looking fresh.

6. Avoid chlorine

Chlorine is a harsh chemical that will certainly cause damage to the color of your hair. If you are blonde, you are susceptible to noticing a green tint on the hair and if you have dark colored hair, you will notice it dull in shine and vibrancy.


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